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Deep Tissue

The manipulation of muscles on a deeper level by using sustained pressure and deep strokes.

Deep tissue will often be used in a sports session or can be used upon request. 

Please be aware that while pain in a massage may seem completely normal, there are times when pain may be too much. Keeping open communication with your therapist is key when receiving any type of massage, but especially with deep tissue. 

Swedish Massage

Light, flowy, and relaxing strokes are used to relieve stress and create a more relaxed state of mind. 

Swedish is best for those who are looking for a relaxing massage, or those looking to "escape".

Swedish massage has been known to help with depression byt the use of touch therapy and helping with anxiety by alleviated the mind and relaxing the body.

Trigger Point Therapy

Used to release painful adhesions, more commonly known as knots, by applying constant pressure in the affected area. 

Using constant pressure pushes blood into the affected area which release adhesions.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones are used throughout the massage to promote circulation to muscles and increase relaxation.

Used as a tool, hot stones can break up adhesion, or knots, more quickly and allow the body to relax into the therapeutic work.

Prenatal Massage

Many techniques are used in prenatal massage to relax the muscles and the body during pregnancy. Massage can help with swelling often seen in pregnancy by promoting circulation and lymph. Not only this, but massage can help with any anxiety or depression you may be experiencing during your pregnancy. 

Approval from your doctor must be given if you are in your first trimester or if you are in a high risk pregnancy.  

  • 60 Minute customizable massage
    1 hr
    65 US dollars
  • A customizable 90 minute massage.
    1 hr 30 min
    95 US dollars
  • 120 Minute customizable massage.
    2 hr
    125 US dollars
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